Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa

Let us keep close together, not wide apart

Nurturing Leaders through Professional Supervision

Maintaining the health and wellbeing of those is leadership positions is initially the role of the Boards of Trustees as the employing entity. At a Diocesan level we have been encouraging all Board to be proactive in this space. We actively support this by helping Board’s (especially of small schools) with support funding for Professional Supervision for Principals.

For any Board that commits to regular professional supervision for the principal of their school the Diocesan Education Foundation will match this dollar for dollar up to the value of $500.

What is professional supervision? (Psychology Associates NZ)

Regular meetings with an independent person with training, skills, and knowledge to help you to reflect on your work practice with a goal towards improvement. Professional supervision happens outside of the workplace and is a confidential relationship. At the outset, you will establish a supervision contract that includes specific goals, frequency of meeting, payment arrangements, etc. Each session (whether monthly, 3-monthly, or 6-monthly) is centred around your goals and is followed with associated “homework” to assist you, the supervisee, to move toward achieving your goals.

Specifically, professional supervision gives you a chance to: review your work with an independent, confidential, highly trained professional; explore your feelings around work (such as excitement, frustration, anxiety, discouragement, or even boredom); receive objective feedback and guidance related to work issues/decisions; identify and plan for self-care if necessary; and/or develop professional skills (e.g., time management, problem-solving, managing relationships with others, avoiding procrastination) as well as obtain ideas and information related to competence, ethics, standards, etc.


  • Funding will be done as a reimbursement of actual sessions attended once a year.

  • Boards will need to submit a claim form below, along with a copy of invoices.

  • The claim form has a short refection to enable us to gather a picture of how this initiative is helping. It will allow us to build a picture and tell a story to potential funders/supporters of the Education Foundation.

  • These comments will be used to paint an overall picture whilst maintaining the anonymity and confidentiality of the individual

  • In a Catholic context we would encourage Professional Supervision to include spiritual nourishment.

Professional Supervision Reimbursement Form

School Wellbeing Report

School Wellbeing Report 2020.docx

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