Complaints, Concerns 

and Points of Information

First steps to handle a safeguarding concern or complaint

Our Diocese is committed to fostering a culture where people are encouraged to raise concerns and complaints and can do so safely.

Depending on the nature of the concern or complaint the Church will follow its reporting obligations to: NZ Police, Oranga Tamariki or the New Zealand religious authority The National Office for Professional Standards. 

Our diocese strongly encourages anyone who suspects criminal conduct by any diocesan personnel to report the matter directly to the NZ Police. If you believe that a child or vulnerable person is immediate danger, call the Police on 111.  If you have reasonable belief that a child or adult at risk has suffered, or is at risk of suffering harm, you should make a report to the government reporting authority

If you need to speak to someone regarding a safeguarding concern not of criminal nature you can contact our Diocesan Safeguarding Officer, Maria Noonon via email:  or Phone: 021 292 2753

Complaints, Concerns and Points of Information Policy and Procedures

CDD Complaints and Concerns
CDD Complaints and Concerns

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