Grants Applications

Tindall Foundation and St Dominics School for the Deaf Charitable Trust 

Tindall Foundation Grants Application Criteria and Form          download the form here >>

Tindall Grant application form.docx

What we do not fund:

We will spend around 50% of our yearly funding budget on Families projects that help us deliver our hopes for Aotearoa New Zealand. However, we are unable to fund the following:

 St Dominic's School for the Deaf Charitable Trust          download the form here >>

St Dominics application FORM.pdf

While  the St Dominic's school for the Deaf Charitable Trust is not a large trust, they would like schools to know about their work and invite modest applications.


Our emphasis is on making the process as easy and quick as possible for people to ask for modest amounts. 

The application form is short and only requires basic information, and unless the grant is for a substantial amount ($5k or more) we don’t tend to ask for any subsequent reporting. The first page of the application form gives a brief background on our Trust and grants process.