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Marriage Preparation Courses in the Dunedin Diocese

Marriage is a life long journey and the aim of a marriage course is to help you start well.

One of the purposes for these courses is for you to spend time together as a couple, which can be a real gift amongst the busyness of preparing for a wedding or life in general.  

All courses have sessions that will include input and discussion on these topics:

Dunedin in-person Course Option

Engaged Encounter, weekend course

Date: 1-3 November 2024 at Tirohanga Camp, Outram

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For more information, contact:  Jo Krysa 

Engaged Encounter is a way of looking beyond the wedding day to a lifetime of marriage and gives couples the opportunity and guidance to build the skills for a lifelong marriage. A key factor is withdrawal from the pressures and distractions of daily life to provide the engaged couple with space in which to plan their life together after the wedding is over. They can take time out from planning their wedding to focus on themselves and discuss what’s important to them.  This weekend course is designed to give plenty of time for private discussion in which the couple can talk honestly and intensely about their future life together.  The course has a very simple format of listening, writing, reading and discussing.

1. The presenting couples will shares their experience on a particular topic

2. You and your fiancé answer a set of questions individually (in separate places)

3. You will then come back together and read through your fiancé’s answers in private

4. You are invited to discuss your responses with your fiancé

 The course is designed to be a family friendly weekend developed so children are welcome and care and activities will be provided for them.  This course is open to couples of all ages and stages in marriage. 

On-Line Course Option

We also offer an online course option.  This helps deal with any Covid issues as marriage dates that don’t fit in with the weekend course dates we are offering. 

This course is called Smart Loving and it is produced out of Australia and endorsed by our Bishop.  

At the end of the course you receive a certificate stating you have done the course.  

Cost is currently $129 AUD.  We will match you up with a follow up mentor couple if you wish.

For further information on the online course option, please email Amy Armstrong at

Marriage Education Couples in the Dunedin Diocese